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ZYGOSIS: John Heartfield and the Political Image 1991

Zygosis: John Heartfield and the Political Image

GORILLA TAPES, ART+COM, John Heartfield - Zygosis. Das manipulierte bild ,1991 (VHS)
(bild in tedesco: quadro, immagine, figura, fotografia, scena, idea) Zygosis: John Heartfield and the Political Image

The dictionary definition of «Zygosis» with which Gavin Hodge and Tim Morrison begin their video about the photomontage artist John Heartfield, refers to a term drawn from biology, describing the process by which two separate elements are united or yoked together to form a new whole. In a similar spirit, Hodge and Morrison's tape attempts to marry video art and TV documentary, and operates (mostly) successfully on both of these levels. http://www.medienkunstnetz.de/works/zygosis/

Gorilla Tapes was formed by three artists who met at a video workshop in Luton (GB): Jon Dovey (b 1955), Gavin Hodge (b 1954) and Tim Morrison, (b 1955). They made an immediate impact with their sharp political tapes, collaged from old film footage and the TV news imagery of the mid-Thatcher years. They are currently working separately in academia and documentary filmmaking.
(source: http://www.tate.org.uk/britain/artistsfilm/programme3/#chief)
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